What the Heck Happened to My Google Earnings?

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Google. I love to earn money but I hate that Google has the ability to yank my chain any time they feel like it. The sad part about it is that my spot on the internet is so small that they don’t even know that they are yanking my chain. As a matter of fact, I’m not even a chain in their eyes; I’m a very small part of a link on a very long, strong chain.

Google Suckered Me In

I was suckered into my relationship with Google back in 2006; that’s when I first “discovered” Google AdSense and the power of Google. All before then, I was a happy mom playing around on the internet, making little websites with pictures of my kids and other photos that were important to me.

The more I played around on the internet, the more I would think “Boy, wouldn’t it be great to make money doing what I enjoy.” Lo and behold, I stumbled upon Google AdSense in April of 2006.Google

Love at First Sight

When I earned 63 cents the first month after placing ads on my site, I was in love. I saw the potential. “Wow, all I have to do is continue making more web pages and keep adding AdSense code to the pages and eventually I’ll be able to quit my day job!” I was so excited at the possibilities. So the journey began. I worked/played diligently learning all I could to make it happen.

Along the way I made a few mistakes, but that happens when you’re learning. All in all I was still having fun and my earnings were growing. Imagine my elation when I earned $2.63 in the month of May, 2006.

Google Bumps and Internet Bruises

The internet is a funny thing. You can pour your heart and soul into your work only to find that someone else has just as much appreciation for your work so they take it. Yes, they take it word for word and place it on their own site (that’s a whole other topic that I won’t get into here).

As soon as I felt I was getting the hang of this internet stuff, Google pulled the rug from under me. I noticed that my websites were no longer appearing in the Google search engines. What happened? I contacted them, to no avail. I was crushed.

Live and Learn

I’ve learned that Google does this from time to time. I’ve had my earnings and traffic slashed by more than half by Google only to wait a few months and have it return. I don’t know what I did to have the traffic/earnings slashed or what I did to have them come back.

I soon realized that it wasn’t me. It was Google. They give and they take away (enter the Serenity Prayer). There are some things I can control and some things I can’t so, I looked into other sources of income so that when Google pulled the rug from under me, I wouldn’t take such a hard fall (the most recent rug pulling incident happened in November, 2009 and hasn’t quite returned as yet).

Protection from Google

I’ve now insulated myself against Google’s power. When things are good with them, they’re great, and when they’re bad, I can still survive. The money you earn from Google can become intoxicating, but watch out because such intoxication delivers a heck of a hangover when it’s taken away.

That’s my 2 cents and I’m sticking with it. 

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