About TidbitsandStuff

Many years ago when the Internet was young, I created a site called Tidbits and Stuff.  It was chock full of various tidbits about life.  At the time my children were young so the site had quite a bit of information about raising children.  It was a kind of life hack for the working mom site.Tidbits and Stuff

As my children grew and my interests changed, not to mention that the Internet grew up too, Tidbits and Stuff no longer had the same appeal. I dropped some sections and added others.  As it stands now, Tidbits and Stuff is an accumulation of 5 sub-blogs.  They’re all under the Tidbits and Stuff banner so this site is nothing but the gathering place for the sub-blogs.

As time goes on and things continue to change, this site will change too. For now, this is it. Not much here, but you’re welcome to look around.

Felicia A. Williams